BEGINNINGS- CR Quarter Horses is a family operation located in Southwest Kansas which was started by my father, Edmond Reist. In 1964 he purchased his first quarter horse, a mare named Sally Osage for $300. Dad liked the looks of the quarter horses and also wanted a horse that could be used hard and stay sound. He preferred the old style quarter horse (Bulldog) close to the ground, good conformation, good bone and a lot of heart. In 1966, Dad purchased his second quarter horse, a gelding named Joe’s Good Luck by Gee’s Sir Jo from Monte Reger. Dad thought this gelding was the best looking horse he had ever seen. In 1967 this gelding went into training with Billy Allen in Scott City, KS during this year he acquired his Performance ROM and earned six performance points. The following year, 1968 Monte Reger was also showing a mare named Reger’s Trixie also by Gee’s Sir Jo with limited showing. Joe’s Good Luck and Reger’s Trixie won several Get Of Sire classes in Kansas. These two offspring took Gee’s Sir Jo to 4th in the state of Kansas in the Get Of Sire for 1968.

MONTE REGER- was the corner post in our horse business. Monte was well known for his ability to raise top quality quarter horses. He was 1959 President of Oklahoma QH Association, was an AQHA Judge and was very active in the American Quarter Horse Association. Monte was also know as the trainer of "BOBBY" the world famous educated jumping steer. Monte always had time to show people his horses, share his knowledge, offer his friendship and hospitality. One of my best memories of Monte was when he showed me his trophy room. WOW!!! I had never seen so many awards. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to purchase our seed stock from him and it was truly an honor to know Monte Reger.

In 1967, Dad went to Monte’s Ranch to purchase our herd sire, GEE’S SIR JO, an AQHA Champion, who had earned his Performance ROM, was an ROM Producer and also an earner of 43 halter points and 26 performance points. Gee’s Sir Jo sired 156 foals and of these, 23 were performance foals. Fifteen point earners were sired with a total of 414 AQHA points. At this same time Dad purchased a few mares, which were in foal to Gee’s Sir Jo which was the beginning of our breeding business.

In 1980, we purchased another stallion named Beat Red by World Champion Sire Hard To Beat earner of 314 halter points and 40 performance points and was out of Paula Billie a Paul A mare. When we crossed the Jo mares on this stud we got a little more size and bone.

Fall 1980, was a major turning point in our business as tragedy struck on Oct. 3, 1980 my brother, Tim was killed in a work related accident. Dad, Tim and I were the active members of CRQH. After Tim’s death, Dad’s interest withered. In the spring he decided to sell off most of our herd and keep just a few broodmares. During the 80’s CRQH was in a holding pattern. Dad chose not to breed the mares for a couple of years because prices were low and his heart just wasn’t in it.

In 1987 & 1988 I leased several mares from my uncle, Jerry Reist, and some mares from a friend, Calvin Bowman. I also purchased a stallion, Doc J Bar, from Calvin. During this time, I also leased another stallion from Calvin, My Winning Ways. During this time we raised and sold several colts by these two stallions.

In 1990, we attended the dispersal sale of Tee Jay Quarter Horses. The Tee Jay Ranch had a good reputation for quality performing horses with a high percentage of grays. These horses were not only loaded with color they had excellent conformation style and the reputation we were looking for. These horses were also from foundation stock. We purchased two mares at this sale. One mare was by Diamond Tender and was in foal to Tee Jay Badger. The other mare was Jay’s Little Miss, a 20-yr old mare by Jackie Bee and was in foal to Gold Fingers. We had high hopes for a stallion prospect. That spring Tee J Miss Diamond had a bay filly. Then in June, Jay’s Little Miss dropped a gorgeous gray stud colt. He was our dream come true. We knew he was destined to be a great stallion, we named him Jackies Gold Bee.

JACKIES GOLD BEE- now stands 16 hands tall, weighs 1400lbs, and is 96.875% foundation. Jacks offspring are the epitome of versatility. We are amazed and overwhelmed by his colts as they continue to expand into different areas of performance. They are more than we could have ever anticipated. To date, Jack has produced 100% GRAY. He has proven himself as an outstanding sire passing on his desirable traits. We feel Jackies Gold Bee is a top quality stallion that contributes greatly to the breed as an AQHA stallion. For this reason, we have made a decision to make him more available to the public. Shipped semen is now available on Jackies Gold Bee.

TRADITION CONTINUES-As for CR Quarter Horses we continue our operation in SW Kansas where my children, Wes. Brandee and Justin are active with the horse operation. They own horses and ride. Wes enjoys roping, riding colts and does most of the feeding and pen cleaning. Brandee enjoys her Jackies Gold Bee mare, AZ UR KRISTA. She participates in 4-H and is learning to rope. Justin currently is a pen rider, he also likes to rope, start young horses and help with fence building and maintenance.

I have spent many hours horseback and have always been passionate about horses. I use to tag a long with my dad to the feedlot and begged to ride pens. Little did I know this would become my occupation. I have been working in commercial feedlots for several years. Pen Riding, Processing Cattle and Doctoring were the first positions I held. Then I became the head cattle doctor followed by animal health manager then I became the cattle manager. It takes a good horse to stay sound in the feed yard, working six to seven days a week and from 10-12 hour days. But working in the feedlot gave me an opportunity to be horseback and also earn a living. Some wonder why I do this type of work and all I can say is, "A BAD DAY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE, BEATS A GOOD DAY DOING WHAT YOU HATE!!!". The feed yard has been a learning experience and has shown me the potential of Jackies Gold Bee and his offspring. These horses can go all day and stay sound. They have correct conformation, excellent minds, loads of muscle and the bone structure to be hardy. Jack’s offspring are cowy, versatile, athletic and beautiful. The versatility of these horses is unlimited as the currently perform in the roping arena, hunter/jumper circuit, halter and performance arena, on the ranch and in the feedlot.

We believe bloodlines, correct conformation and attitude are all critical but the bottom line is durability (the bone structure to complete the package). Our personal goal is to raise good, high quality, honest and dependable horses. If we can help you, please feel to contact us.


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